Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yummy meal ideas

I used to have the following 2 meals a lot the last time I was on WW. I don't recall exact points on some of it, so you'd want to double check w/your slider!

Tuna Melt
4 points (?)

2 slices bread (the 1 point a slice kind, or better)
1 small can tuna (the snack size)
1 slice kraft singles American cheese
Spray butter

1. Heat skillet on med-high
2. Butter one side of both pieces of bread, then put one slice, butter side down, into the skillet.
3. Place one slice American cheese on top bread.
4. Next, spoon tuna (drained) onto the slice of cheese, then top w/the other piece of bread, butter side up.
5. Cook like you would a grilled cheese, and enjoy!!!

This one makes me think of my childhood... we used to have this a lot as a kid!

Fish Sticks & Mac/Cheese
2 servings/6.5 points (?)

1 Smart Ones Mac & Cheese, cooked according to the box
10 fish sticks, baked according to package

Split the mac & cheese & serve w/5 fish sticks!

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