Friday, September 21, 2007


The last 48 hours, I've just kind of been "blah" about food and exercise. I've still stayed w/in my points, but I would have been happier with different decisions. When I have cheese in the house, I eat it. I love me some cheese w/the baked ritz chips. And I had that for breakfast yesteday. That's not a healthy breakfast! Yes, I stayed w/in points... but afterwards, I felt bad about it. I suppose this is a good thing. Guilt is good. It means I'm learning. There were some other meal/snack choices that I made that just weren't as healthy as I would have liked. But, you live and learn.

I'm certainly no expert on weight loss, but it's common sense that what works long-term is changing your habits. Learning to eat healthier overall, and when you indulge in unhealthy items, to do so only in moderation. It troubles me when I see people who are following fad diets... whether that's cutting out carbs, eating minimal calories, or whatever... because all it is is a Quick Fix. Just take a look at the food pyramid. They actually have really good tools at that include calculations for the amount of food you should be taking in for your height/weight and goals (such as maintaining, losing, or gaining weight).

People are going to do what they want though, and that's why so many fad diets exist, because people want instant gratification. Well let me tell you, if there was some magic pill that was healthy that made us shed the pounds w/no repurcussions, we'd ALL be taking it. But there's not. You had to work hard to get fat (even if it doesn't seem like it was hard work, it was... you put your body through a lot of crap to get heavy!), so why shouldn't you have to work hard to take it off?


Lori said...

i know that i technically fall into that group of people you were talking about. and from my several years of battling an eating disorder i've learned about healthy eating, eating too much unhealthy stuff, and not eating enough of both. for some reason my mind won't let me diet like a normal person until i'm skinny in my mind's perception. i don't know how or why i'm like that, but i am. when i lost all the weight the first time i kept it off for a while. i hadn't been until my later college years that I gave up on trying to watch what i ate. i didn't care about a lot of things. anyway. i probably am falling back into my anorexic habits again and i appreciate your concern :) i just hope you don't end up hating me in the end for it, but it's what i do.


Scale Junkie said...

I think its all part of the process, learning new habits that will last a lifetime. The quick fix is tempting but trust me, I've been yoyoing for years and it leads to nothing but frustration and heartache. You are wise to use common sense and follow a healthy plan. It may take a little longer but it will last a lifetime!!

Heather said...

very true. I get antsy when I dont lose, but you are right, slower is better. I hope you get out of your funk, I am sure you will. we all make mistakes or dont make the best choices. but really, who is EVER perfect when it comes to food? I have never seen or heard anyone talk about never overeating, never dieting, never eating something "bad". so we all do it.