Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Last night

So, the evening started off w/the weigh-in that I posted about earlier. I'm happy with that... of course we'd ALL want to lose more than we do every week, but a loss is a loss! I don't believe that I've actually stated my weight in this diary. It's not because I don't want other bloggers to know, or the WW friends of mine that read this... but there are "outsiders" (lol) that know about this blog, and at this weight, I dont' feel comfortable with it being public. But let's just say for now that I could lose half my body and be at a healthy weight for my 5'6" frame.

After WW, I picked up dinner for Mike & I. We got chicken fingers & cheese curds from culvers. The chicken fingers, not so bad at all... the cheese curds, BAD. This was my one "bad" meal of the week, and let me tell you, I'm not interested in having that again any time soon. I had indigestion & such a stomach ache ALL NIGHT. My body isn't used to the fried stuff anymore, it's so strange!

When I got home, it was time for The Biggest Loser. I've never watched it the first time around before. I always watch re-runs on other networks (Bravo & Style show them pretty much daily), but this is the first time I'm following the show each week. And I even got Mike to watch with me for most of it. I'm not intentionally trying to influence him and his eating habits, but I think I am anyway. I love him exactly how he is (and he feels the same about me), but if he wanted to eat healthier & exercise with me, I have no problem with that! So about the show... I like the idea of having 3 teams. I can't imagine the hopelessness that the black team felt when they were thinking they were going home. They'd gotten to the show, but once again, they hadn't been good enough. I was so happy for them when Jillian surprised them! I also love Jerry. I'm pulling for him right now. I think he is full of surprises; first he wins the captain position, and then to lose 30 POUNDS?!?! Way to go Jerry! I wasn't surprised to see Amber go. Her attitude was piss-poor. I never WANT to see someone have to go home, because they all NEED to be there, and I'm glad to see she's made progress since leaving the show. But that kind of attitude would piss me off & bring me down if I was there w/her... so no shock that she was voted out.

After BL, I went to WalMart to pick up some things and talked to a friend of mine that's also doing WW. She's at a lull right now, lacking motivation. I've been there in the past, and I certainly know how it is. But you've GOT to stay positive! Planning an entire day, week, or more off-plan b/c of food-centered events doesn't teach you anything! In our society, food is at the center of SO many events, that it IS difficult to stay on plan, but it feels AMAZING when you get past those events and didn't let food control you! Birthdays, potlucks, parties.... we all go through these, and we will continue to go through them our entire lives. I don't know about any of you, but I don't want to feel like a prisoner when it comes to these events. I don't want to think that I either can't go, or I have to eat off plan. I can go AND I can eat well AND I can enjoy myself! And so can ALL of you.


Lynn said...

It's funny how you feel after eating a "bad" meal once you're been on WW's for awhile. Did we not notice how bad we felt before when we ate this???

Thanks for the BL recap, I LOVE Jillian and it's awesome that she's back. and WOW someone lost 30 lbs at their first WI?!!!! Holy smokes!! Can't wait to see this one.

Chubby Chick said...

I'm so glad you watched Biggest Loser last night! I think most of us dieting bloggers are watching it. I LOVE that show! I am a total Biggest Loser junkie! Hubby watched it with me last night, and he really got into it, too. It is just SO inspirational!

Keep up the positive attitude! You are doing great! :)