Thursday, September 13, 2007

Non-scale victories

I think it's really important to measure your success not only on what the scale reads, but also by other victories throughout the week. The number being smaller on the scale isn't necessarily the most important victory. Changing habits is the ultimate victory, to me, because by changing those bad habits, that number on the scale is ultimately affected. NSVs are especially important if you have a week where you feel like you tried really hard, stayed OP, but the scale didn't budge, or maybe only budged a few tenths of a pound. You feel like you did everything right, why aren't you seeing results! That's when NSVs are especially important.

Here are a few of mine that I've had in the past week:
--Drank ALL my water yesterday for the first time probably ever (and peed like twice an hour!)
--Resisted my urge to get ice cream from DQ the other night & had a WW bar instead.
--A few days ago, when going through the Starbucks drive-thru to get a light carmel frap, they offered me a free sample of some delightful, fatty looking pastry. I said no thank you.
--Yesterday the CEO of my company brought in Panera bagels and told me to help myself. I declined. I love Cinnamon Crunch bagles w/hazelnut cream cheese. ugh.
--Yesterday I picked up my friend from her job at Atlanta Bread Company. She offered me a free cup of soup. The loaded potato sounded divine. But instead, I had the vegetable soup.
--I walked 4 times last week. I'm in my build up stage of exercising. I hope to go get myself motivated enough to start going back to the gym w/in another month.
--We didn't order pizza even ONCE last week! Pizza was a staple in our household... sometimes we'd order 2-3 times/week from Papa Johns. Even since starting WW we've ordered a couple times, but I've had just thin crust cheese & eaten only a slice or two.

So, these are some of mine... I challenge all of you to list some of your own... it's great encouragement!!!


Once Upon A Dieter said...

I agree. Developing the habits is key. Crashing a diet, then regaining--what does that help?

Making better decisions throughout the day, like these examples, these add up over a year. You will lose if you keep making better decisions.

Same deal here with pizza. I remember when we used to order pizza 2 to 3 times a week.

But that's a binge food trigger for me. Can't do it.

Keep making those great choices.

The Princess Dieter (Mir)

Lynn said...

WOW, that's alot of NSV's! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring. Keep up the great work :)

Chubby Chick said...

Congratulations on your NSV's!!! You have a long list of them... and they are IMPRESSIVE! You should be SO proud of yourself! Good for you!

I had 2.1 more lbs. off today at my weigh-in, but I was kind of disappointed with the number. So I'm focusing on my NSV's. I can definitely tell that I'm losing weight when I see myself in the mirror... plus I just FEEL thinner. So yippee for NSV's!!! :)

Chubby Chick said...

Thanks for the comments today, Teale. They made me laugh. lol

Oh... did you check out Twix's blog yet today? She's issued a walking challenge! I'm seriously considering doing it! Her challenge... along with your comment... may be EXACTLY what I need to get my fat butt in gear and overcome the issues that are holding me back.

A girl on a mission....100 pounds to go!!! said...

Site is great, I read it daily! Hope you have a great week. The veil is very pretty too in your picture!

Anonymous said...

You've had some great accomplishments recently!!! And I totally 100% agree with you, you have to have more goals than just losing weight. You're making beautiful changes in your body and life and each of them deserve to be celebrated! Well done!

Dee said...

Great post! Made me think about my own non scale victories!! I shall post them too I think. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

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