Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Floating away....

So today has been the first day that I've tried to drink immense amounts of water. Usually I'll drink a couple glasses of crystal light, so that's better than nothing... but I'm just not usually a water drinker.

Well, I purchased this fancy little pink water bottle that I just love to tote around, and I've been nursing my water all day.. I've got about 12 ounces left for the whole day. Let me tell you, I feel like my insides are sloshing all around b/c I've had so much water! And I've had to PEE like CRAZY!

I do a lot of driving around town in my job, so I have this little trick now that I plan to follow... every time I stop at a traffic light, I take a drink. I'm not really one to sip water, I usually take a few gulps at a time... and just by doing my driving alone, I drank over half of my water!

And now currently, I'm indulging in my afternoon Hershey's wafer snack. I'm in heaven!

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Scale Junkie said...

I can only drink water from a plastic water bottle, I can't drink it from a glass (I know I'm a freak) I try to drink lots of water too and the urge to run to the bathroom all the time will ease up but for now when you go, just think of it as pounds going bye bye. Keep drinking that water!