Saturday, September 1, 2007

Meetings week 1 & 2

August 21 was my first meeting back at WW. I went to a Tuesday evening meeting, and I really like the leader so far. She's upbeat, funny, and seems like a nice person. Her name is Ami. My first week there, I was terrified. Why, I don't know... because I'd done this before. It's different when you're doing it with a buddy though, and you have their support & encouragement (not only on weigh-in day, but throughout the week). This time, I had to walk into an unfamiliar place, with NO familiar faces... but, the bottom line is that we all are there for the same reason. We all have the same goal.

So, I signed up & stood in the weigh-in line. I'm at my highest WW weight this time around (I've been heavier, but not documented on official WW documents!). I took my seat & waited for the meeting to start. Sometimes meetings have cheesy themes, but you get out of them what you and others put in... participation is so important! The first week's meeting was about how it's not the mountain itself that's hard to get across, it's the little pebbles along the way that can trip you up & make you want to quit climbing. Kind of a weird analogy, yes... but when you think about it, it's true. It's not necessarily the task of losing 100 pounds difficult for me, but it's little things along the way that may make me want to quit. Examples: not seeing the results you'd like to see despite working hard, temptation of going off plan, laziness, etc. Rather than think "I'll never lose this weight, it's just too hard," it's important to just focus on those little "pebbles" and worry about them one at a time, as they come up... So if I worked hard one week & didn't see as big of a loss as I wanted, if I see a loss, that's what's important. Or if I have the temptation to eat something that's going to cause me to go over my points, I'll choose a healthy alternative instead. Or if I'm feeling lazy, I'll tell myself to get off my booty & get my head in the game!

Second week at WW, I weighed in, and I was down 3 pounds! This past week's meeting was somewhat similar... it had to do with "boulders" (what's w/all the rocks lately?) getting in our way and how sometimes it seems like we can't get around them no matter how hard we push. The moral of the story is to use all your resources to get past that hurdle. The resources that are out there are: WW materials given at meetings (or online info), other members, etc. Some hurdles are: trouble getting in fruits/veggies or water, eating on the run, not having time for exercise, etc. There are ALWAYS ways around these roadblocks, you just have to use the tools that are at your disposal!

Well, enough about this for now... I'm off to the library to pick up a copy of "Buff Brides" that I requested... gotta set my wedding workout plan into action!

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