Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I discovered the most wonderful thing in the world today. Seriously, even better than way back when, when I first had the cookie dough dessert that Smart Ones makes. Maybe these aren't new, but they're new to me.

Hershey's 100 Calorie Wafer Bars


I got them at Target, and there are 7 packages of bars in the box (2 bars per package). They are about the size of the Reese's Sticks that they used to make, and they taste very close to a Kit Kat. And they're 2 points!!!

This is my salvation for that time of the month.

I used to eat a king size Hershey's bar (or 2) the day before my period... the chocolate is the only thing that could make me feel less like crap. One of these babies though, is certain to have the same effect!

I highly highly reccomend you run out right now and pick up a box for when you're having that chocolate craving!!!


Chubby Chick said...

Mmmm... that sounds yummy! I tried a new snack recently, too. I got Fiber One Oats & Chocolate snack bars. They are REALLY good! They are only 140 calores... and they have 35% of the daily value of fiber. So they're kind of healthy, too! I'm anxious to try the other flavors. I'm just so glad that products like this are OUT THERE! They really do the trick when a chocolate craving rears its ugly head. lol

Chubby Chick said...

Oh... one more thing! Have you tried the Fudgsicle Premium Fudge Bars? They are 100 calories of CREAMY, chocolatey, Heaven-on-a-stick! They are SCRUMPTIOUS beyond words!

Lyn said...

Oh man, you are lucky if you can eat *one* of those things. If I bought a package I would eat the whole package. I cannot stop myself!!! I have some of those new Kashi whole grain high fiber choc chip cookies in the house, and I can eat just one of those, because frankly they are not that good! LOL

Lynn said...

Can't wait to have those here in Canada. (lol will prob never happen!) :)

Sounds yummy!!

Trisha said...

the pretzel bars are good too! They are also one of the 100 calorie packs. There are 2 per package and they are so yummy! Its hard to eat just one package though! :)

Anonymous said...

that sounds delicious! thats why I like that we have to eat these LA lites bars. I always pick the chocolate ones like cookie dough or brownie, and it satisfies my cravings for chocolate. I can honestly say I havent felt the need to eat anything chocolate since I eat 2 of these a day. Heather