Monday, September 10, 2007

Whipped up some dinner!

Well, the other day I posted something for Chili Cheeseburger Casserole. I glanced at the recipe & this weekend I thought I got the right stuff at the store.... not so much. I was supposed to get mac & cheese, and instead, I got elbow macaroni, and I got a package of cheese. LOL

So, I improvised. Browned some hamburger with an onion & some garlic. Added a can of turkey chili, seasoned w/more chili powder & a little salt. Meanwhile, I cooked the macaroni, then added it to the mixture. Threw in a cup of my lowfat mexican cheese that was leftover from last night, and ta-da! Dinner!

It was 8 points for a serving, but it was very filling. I also had a salad with it. SO good.

I've got something like 28 flex points left this week, and I'm dying for a DQ blizzard. I weigh in tomorrow night. Should I treat myself, or should I not? Decisions, decisions...

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*ccc* said...

Okay, I vote for having the DQ blizzard...

After you weigh-in. Take it out of your count for the upcoming week.

I know a friend of mine used to allow herself one "cheat" meal every week--and it was the dinner right after her weigh-in.

She said whatever she ate, she could "get rid of" by the next time she had to weigh-in. And that it gave her a little indulgence to look forward to every week--it became easier to pass up the junk food during the week because she KNEW she'd allow herself some in a few days.

Is it ideal? Probably not, but it worked for her. And I admit--I've followed her little trick on one occasion or two...(or three, or four)